Prairie Petticoats, Please

A Slip Of A Girl to the rescue!

Heya, Slip, I really like your new “shoot me a question” option. It makes me feel like less of a schmuck!

Today’s question is about retro petticoats — there was a brand when I was in high school that did Victorian style formal wear. I remember we all had those dresses for prom and I loved the petticoats. They were well made but easy to launder, as I recall. (I remember wearing the petticoats during the country music and ensuing fashion trends at the time.)

I don’t want to splurge on the authentic antique stuff, so I thought you could help a girl out. I know it wasn’t Laura Ashley… But?


Hi Holly,

I’m glad you like the new option! It’s my hope that everyone wins this way. *grin*

I’m pretty sure you are talking about Jessica McClintock’s Gunne Sax — a play on the old “gunny sacks” of the American prairie (blended with Victorian and even Edwardian styling).

Some of the labels will read “Jessica’s Gunnies“, so search that name too.

Furthing into the 80s, they brand went a bit more, well… Let’s just say they took more liberties and went further down the funk road. *wink*

Gunne Sax designs were also sold in separates, so search for Gunne Sax slips and petticoats, like this one.

And there were blouses and skirts as well. Look at this pretty ivory lace skirt by Jessica’s Gunnies!

 Often you can find dresses cheap enough to cut the skirts and petticoats out of to get what you need.

Don’t overlook the blouses. These remain some of my favorite things — just look at this beauty! What a fabulous dainty thing to wear with corsets!

Good luck, Holly — and thanks for the tip in my jar for helping serve you vintage lingerie and fashion tips!

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