Top 10 Gifts For Lingerie Lovers (And They’re Not Pieces Of Lingerie!)

If you know a lingerie lover, but aren’t sure of sizes or styles… If vintage lingerie hasn’t been available in just the right size this holiday season… Or if you’re just looking for stocking stuffers or a little something extra to go with your gift, here’s a list of lovely things sure to please those who adore lingerie. (Other girlie gift ideas can be found at my other blog!)

1) Vintage lingerie advertisements are cool. You can get them framed for display, or start a collection of ads that are stored in a book, just like the old scrapbook. It’s fun to collect together, and you can add pieces to the collection on every special gift-giving occasion.

If you’re real lucky, you can find a vintage scrapbook containing fabulous lingerie ads, illustrations, and maybe even some pinups. This vintage scrapbook contains roughly 70 vintage fashion ads from old magazines (most from the 1940s).

 2) How about some official A Slip Of A Girl playing cards? (I also have a few other items, like this planner!) And they’re on sale now!

3) Bracelets, pendants, and other pieces of lingerie-themed jewelry. This beauty was hand cut & formed from sterling silver. It hangs from a sterling silver chain as well, and has sheer ribbon laced through it — the ribbon ending in faux pearls.

This little sterling silver “brief-case” charm opens up to reveal a pair of panty briefs.

Here’s an antique chastity charm!

4) Corset and bustier key chains and key covers make nice little lingerie stocking stuffers.


5) Nowadays, even wine glasses wear their own jewelry. These charms aren’t just to look pretty, but rather they help ladies identify their own drink. On this set of five, the Swarovski crystals on the silver bustiers help identify each person’s drink.

6) For the vintage lover, and those just fond of romance, look for vintage garter gift sets. Not only are the garters themselves lovely, but sometimes the boxes and other accoutrement outshine them. Look at how pretty this vintage boudoir set from the 1920s is! A pair of minty green garters, a matching ladies handkerchief, and a bottle of perfume. (I would not recommend even sniffing that!)

These are unusual and perhaps rather simple vintage garters — but the box is over the top!

7) Lingerie fashion dolls, all sizes, makes, and models, are great girlie gifts. From classic vintage Barbie, to uncommon vintage paper doll kits, there are lots of lingerie dolls to choose from!

8) Lingerie boxes. Antique and vintage lingerie boxes can be as beautiful and special as lingerie print advertising. Plus, you can store things in them. For example, this one would be great for Jezebel and Renee of Hollywood lingerie fans.

If you can’t find or afford just the right box or boxes, make one out of an old cardboard or wooden box. This old wooden box has been given a new life by having pretty vintage images applied to it.

9) Items to care for the lingerie she already has. Along with  lingerie wash, bra organizers help the longevity of her bras. These can be used for drying bras as well as keeping the molded shape in a drawer.

 There are also adorable bra travel cases which help keep her bras from getting smashed. (They have room for panties too.) The lovely lavender and black (or pink with white) is only available in one size, suitable for “small to average sizes”; the pretty pink polka dot one, has two size options.

10) Boudoir slippers are fun, fabulous, and glamorous. If you’re in a new relationship, giving boudoir slippers is one way to announce your love of boudoir fashions while remaining in good standing. *wink* These come in basic black and more rare shades of taupe and burgundy — and they even have rabbit fur!

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