Decadent Deco Dreams

It has been awhile since I’ve shared a swoon (or eleven) with you over glamorous vintage lingerie from the 1920s and 1930s. Shame on me! Let’s swoon together, dream some decadent deco dreams, and perhaps inspire some of today’s lingerie designers…

(Before we get too lost, I should remind you about my care guide for vintage rayon.)

We must, we must, wear lace on our bust! Look at these lovely gowns!

This glamorous 1920s satin nightgown proves that ecru antique lace is anything but dowdy! Just look at how that bodice is fitted!

Don’t you just adore the off-the-shoulder lace on this vintage rayon satin bias cut nightgown?

A nearly all lace bodice, shaped with pintucks and drawstrings, helps make this silky peach rayon nightgown both romantic and glamorous.

A lovely antique slip or chemise in alternating panels of hand embroidered net and blue chiffon.

You have to look closely at the photos of this next vintage nightgown… Notice how there’s a little attached bed jacket of sorts! Another superb piece of vintage peach rayon satin lingerie.

This next piece of incredible vintage lingerie from the 1920s isn’t a nightgown; it’s a dressing gown. A stunning vintage dressing gown. Notice the use of contrasting beige lace on the blue satin. Not only does it accent the dramatic “V”, but creates the dynamic flutter sleeves!

Here’s a vintage nightgown and dressing gown set in pink rayon satin with a pastel floral print. Slinky glamour! And the floral print of wildflowers is rather unexpected, isn’t it?

This next vintage dressing gown has an ecru lace overlay over peach rayon satin. It has the most stylish details… A trio of peach satin-covered buttons at the neck, snaps at the waist, and peach satin bows on the cuffs! It may be 1940s, but who cares? It fits my decadent pastel dreams well enough. *wink*

Blue French silk chiffon tap pants, trimmed in lace, with buttons up the side.

If those tap pants took your breath away, you may need to sit down to see these vintage peach rayon satin tap pants… Look at that net and lace trim!

(The pink satin triangle bra shown in both those photos above can be found here.)

If you’re still with me… If you haven’t passed-out…

Take a good loving, wistful, look at these antique ecru lace panties with peach silk ribbon panels!

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