This Week’s Lingerie Link Round-Up (The Mostly Gift Guide Edition)

The Lingerie Lesbian‘s girlfriend talks about why buying lingerie as a gift is so hard.

It’s been reported that every year £100 million is spent on “dodgey” lingerie by “blokes” and other folks who don’t really know what they’re doing.

Apparently this lingerie gift-giving so hard that Vancouver’s got a lingerie hotline to help.

(Folks really should check my past lingerie gift guides, such as how to give and get vintage lingerie, how to discover her lingerie personality and using her bedding to find her lingerie personality. And don’t forget my rant about bad lingerie gift giving advice! Or you could use my personal shopping services.)

At Adrants: Newsflash! Lingerie Makes 20-Year-Olds Looks Hot!

But beware, ladies; enjoying your youthful beauty as a lingerie model may get you fired years later. ARG!

Speaking of Icky Vicky aka Victoria’s Secret and the recent show… Did you know what happens to the fantasy bras? Only one of the bras has actually sold; the rest are dismantled:

Rather than going on to live a long life as a dazzling brassiere, it will most likely go to the scrap yard. No one has ever purchased the Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra, the company said. Past bras—including the 2006 Hearts on Fire Diamond Fantasy Bra, worth $7 million—have all been dismantled.

Steve Harvey helps save Lovely’s Lingerie.

Meanwhile, 81 year old Aleta Williams is closing her lingerie shop after forty years. (I find that so sad; an end of an era.)

Can you really buy bras online? Mmm, maybe? We’ll have to talk more about this one!

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The official uncut version of the Ann Summers Christmas For Grown Ups:

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