Lingerie Questions, Vintage Lingerie Research, & Love Letters

Have a question or a request for something here at A Slip Of A Girl? It might be shopping related, lingerie history related, or maybe you’d just like to ask me a question — like a mini-interview?

Since I mentioned the situation, and some resolutions to the problem, here at A Slip Of A Girl, a few of you have sent in your donations — along with requests. (Hence the rather surprising number of posts recently!) This has been working out fabulously for all involved, so I thought I’d publicly mention this option, in case you’re interested.

The details are more clearly outlined here, but it’s pretty simple:

Donate $10 (or more, if you wish) and ask your question. Please let me know if you’d like this to be shared at the blog, if you have a website you’d like mentioned, etc., or if you’d prefer this to be completely private between you and I, and I’ll get back to you in a jiffy!

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