Who’s Been Sleeping In Your Bed? Jill St. John!

The lovely Layla L’obatti of Between The Sheets lingerie tweeted me about this photo of Jill St. John wearing a sheer black peignoir over her black lace and lavender bra and panties. The photo she tweeted a link to is actually a cropped version of this one:

And they are part of a series of photos, in color and black and white, of Jill St. John.

While Corbis dates the series of photos to 1965, this film studio promo photo proves otherwise:

Never Played With Dolis — Actress Jill St. John, who once told an interviewer she shunned dolls as a child in favor of a toy cash register, is starting a new Hollywood role–and may be heading for a new life as a single girl. Some movie observers say she’ll file for divorce from Woolworth heir Lance Reventlow before long, reportedly because of her interest in a career and his in auto racing. Here (above), during wardrobe fittings at Paramount studio, she displays an outfit she’ll wear in “Who’s Sleeping in My Bed?” 1963

Thankfully that bit of info existed, because while these photographs of Jill St. John appear often in forums and on websites, no one ever credits them. At least not properly. But there you have it. *wink*

Now you won’t merely have to trust me that these are promotional photos of Ms. St. John for one of my favorite Dean Martin films, which went on to be billed as Who’s Been Sleeping in My Bed?

Along with Dean Martin *swoon* Who’s Been Sleeping in My Bed? stars Elizabeth Montgomery, Carol Burnett (in her movie debut!), Jill St. John, and others in one of those classic 1960s film romps which somehow manages to liberate and exploit gender roles all while showcasing fabulous fashions and making you laugh.

The film is hard to come by; not even viewings on TV. The only way I’ve managed to see and fall in love with this movie is because it’s available for free on demand with Amazon Prime. (If you’re not familiar with Prime, see Deanna’s excellent review of Amazon Prime here.)

While nearly forgotten by many, this film is a gem — and not only for the appearances of lovely lingerie either. *wink*

This film is also noted for the appearance of Tura Satana, who plays a stripper performing in front of Martin, Burnett, and Montgomery.

Personally, and with all due respect to Ms. Satana, I was more wowed by other dance scenes in the film. Perhaps because they were more surprising than the great Satana stripping. In this scene, Elizabeth Montgomery reminds me of Kathleen Turner’s performance as the romantic female becoming the sensual woman in Romancing The Stone. Sorry I can’t embed that video clip of Montgomery dancing; that feature has been turned-off so you’ll have to click and watch it in full. However, the original trailer for Who’s Been Sleeping in My Bed? has a few seconds of Montgomery’s dance — and Jill St. John dancing too, including while wearing that fabulous lingerie set!

As lovely as those scenes are, it was Carol Burnett’s striptease performance that completely caught me off guard!

Jill St. John, as mentioned and seen, danced quite a bit in this movie. However, it’s her sex kitten striptease performance from The Oscar (1966) which the internet is ga-ga over.


(There’s more about Jill St. John at this time here. The post is fine; but a NWS site.)

No post about Jill St. John and lingerie would really be complete without photos of her in her most iconic film role, Bond girl Tiffany Case in Diamonds Are Forever. So here they are!

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