When Modesty Is Sexy

A rare piece of vintage Olga lingerie, this vintage lace babydoll nightie is more proof of Olga Erteszek’s design craft.

Upon first look, you might just miss the true genius of this nightie. I can understand getting lost in the pink lace over nylon and the large chiffon rosette, but it’s what’s beneath the nightie itself that’s the truly spectacular part: the built in supportive padded bra.

As a well-endowed woman, this bra represents not only modesty, but the comfort — and therefore the freedom — of a supported bustline. Speaking girl to girl, sometimes it feels sloppy when The Girls are resting on your chest instead of being held there. But not with Olga’s design. This means confidence; and confidence is sexy.

The true legend has it that Olga invented the Built In Bra Nightgown after a hospital stay. There she realized the need a woman has to maintain her dignity. “This is comfort, security,” she said at the time. “This is hospital tested. I know.” Truly a marriage between beautiful form and function.

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