This Week’s Lingerie Link Round-Up

Before I get into the links for the week, I wanted to make sure you’ve read the update to this blog’s current situation. Thank you!

Now for the links…

Deanna shares what to wear under your mom jeans.

Eric, a significant follower of what he calls this here “*winky* blog,” reminds us to keep checking in at Vintage Ads on LiveJournal to see the vintage bra and other lingerie ads.

I’m not sure if you want to see this… Is it really a strapless bra, or a 50 Shades sort of a thing? *wink*

(I guess that’s why Eric says I have a *winky* blog lol)

Made By Niki makes some news.

Maddie Flanigan‘s excellent How to Make Lingerie guide is at Esty Lingerie’s blog.

Jaynie shows us some corset playing cards.

Lingerie billboards are causing accidents, says a judge in Bangalore, India.

You know I’m no Dita fan, but here’s the latest on her lingerie line.

Oh, and don’t forget — there’s still time to enter my Shabby Apple Giveaway!

Last, but not least, I’m trying this little daily paper based on tweets from Twitter. It still need some tweaking, but you can check it out, and subscribe, here.

Image: Another Zooey Deschanel photo I know nothing about.

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