Ironing Out The Problems

Wow! I want to thank all of you for your supportive comments, tweets, direct messages (on Twitter & Facebook), emails, etc. regarding the current situation. If I have not yet responded to you personally, please know that there’s been an unexpectedly large response and I am making my way through the flood of digital love notes — I will get back to you, I swear!


A number of you asked how you can help in specific, tangible, ways.

1) As always, I ask you to gossip about me — in a good way! (And if you have a complaint, I think you know how to reach me lol) When brands and companies learn how you learned about them from A Slip Of A Girl, they may just spend some of their advertising budget here.

Gossiping about me also includes sharing links to this blog via your social networks, emailing links to friends and family, links from your blogs and websites. (Fancy buttons for linking can be found here.) The more people who come here and like it, the more the cycle of gossip continues!

2) If you have something to advertise, or know someone who does, please consider or recommend advertising here at A Slip Of A Girl.

3) If you’d like to help me more personally, you may donate (at any time). The PayPal donate button is always on the right side of the blog, but here it is to make it even easier.

(Feel free to send me a message with your donation!)

Frankly, if just one out of 100 of you who visit here donated only a dollar once a month, there’d be no situation to worry about. (Maybe you could consider making a donation on say your fifth or tenth or twenty-seventh visit of each month or something like that? Many of you are here even more often than that, and a dollar isn’t too much of a hardship, is it? That’s just $12 a year.) Whatever your plan, small consistent donations would add up quickly and not only replace what’s been lost, but beat those old amounts. Problem solved!

4) Gift giving. Some of you have asked about specific needs or expenses you could help with or gift. In lieu of lingerie, this girl has the following on her wish list…

You may donate or gift a larger amount to help support my research and work by defraying the costs of archival and historical site fees; printing copies of old newspapers off the microfilm machines at my library; buying and scanning old catalogs, booklets, newspapers, etc.; and other materials I use to make my accurate and in-depth posts about lingerie, lingerie companies and designers, and other persons of historical note in lingerie history like this one. (This year, I was hoping to get a WWD Premium Membership too. This level of membership includes print and online versions, plus access to older archives. Cost: $295 for the year.) If you’d like to donate and designate what it’s for, or set up a monthly donation rather like a subscription for continued support, please let me know.

As I purchase books, documents, and other research materials from Amazon (and I’m still saving for that laptop which would be mine-all-mine!) Amazon gift cards are also most welcome. You can send me an Amazon gift certificate via email. All you need is my email address, which is

EBay remains a favorite place for me to purchase not only vintage lingerie but vintage magazines, catalogs, and other historical lingerie items for research as well — when I can afford to do so. (You might pass-out if you knew what some of these items cost!) EBay also has e-Gift certificates which can be delivered by email. Again, all you’ll need is my email address,

Any amounts, any frequencies, anything sent by any method, is very much appreciated.

Please don’t worry if you cannot — or simply choose not to — do anything. At this time or ever. This isn’t a begging blog or even a begging blog post. It’s simply a reaction prompted by the lovely responses from fabulous readers to an ugly situation. Well call them Purposeful Acts Of Kindness, mainly done by Lingerie Lovers.

To those who do appreciate this blog so much as to support my work here, I am very thankful and will continue (possibly increase?) my labors of love here. Thank you.

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