Airing Out Some Dirty Laundry About This Lingerie Blog

Perhaps you have noticed less ads here at A Slip Of A Girl… Well, Google wanted me to remove their ads on a single page/post because I linked to something too racy — but, despite Blogger being owned by Google, removing the ads from just one post proves impossible. Unless you are some sort of blogging-code genius, I suppose. And I’m not one of those!

I’m not going to work myself up about how irritating this is; you know how I feel about the relationship between lingerie and human sexuality. (And isn’t is just silly to worry about ads being seen by people who are here when they decided to come here and see/read such things?! Oh, I really could go on and on about this… But I said I wouldn’t get worked up about this.) Anyway, I do have something to say about the results of this situation.

While less ads may be more fun for you, the sad reality of that means less money for me — and that will mean less posting here. So, for some of you anyway, this will mean less fun. It certainly will be less fun for me.

Don’t get me wrong; I didn’t make a lot of money from those ads. But it was something. Something is not only better than nothing, but that bit of income did two things:

1) It helped to partially fund the costs of what I do here in terms of research on lingerie companies, designers, etc. (Other than the domain name, it is “free” for me to blog; however, the research and writing of posts like this, this, this or this can be more costly than you likely realize.)

2) It helped legitimize to my family the time I spent blogging — and away from them.

The sum of those parts thereby meant I was not nagged to death for the time and money I invest in this blog. When that money does not come in, as it once did, at the end of this month, there will be a whole lot of pouting (and perhaps some yelling & tears) at my house. *sigh*

That all said, I appreciate your patience and understanding while I look for something to replace those ads, to make up that income. Or (dare she dream) even surpass it.

[I know this seems odd after the plethora of recent posts — those have been due to the anxiety or panic on my part! I’ve been putting this post off, trying to ignore this reality… But it’s time to face it. And to let you know what’s going on.]

I hope this search for replacement income won’t take too long, or impact us much. *knocks wood* But I refuse to change what I do here at A Slip Of A Girl. It’s not like I’ve blurred the lines between lingerie, sensuality, and sexuality; those things were entwined long ago. I just dare to admit it all.

Anyway, should I become more silent than usual, don’t worry. Nothing horrible is happening (other than us missing each other a bit *pout*); it’s just a stupid circumstance we will weather together. Right? Right. *soft smile*

PS If you were here looking for tips regarding washing your delicates, see here. See also.

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UPDATE: Go here for the latest!

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