Shapewear Alert: V Is For Victory & Vedette!

If you saw Deborah Roberts on 20/20, you may have been surprised to learn that corseting is not only alive and well, but proven to help slim your figure.

This is not only due to the powers of restrictive lacing and fabrics which hold you in and lift you up (good posture always makes you look — and feel — better), but, as Roberts discovered, wearing a corset makes you more mindful of your mouthfuls. And that means you will likely eat less. Perfect for the holiday season, right? I mean the pressure of a foundation garment is less upsetting, and therefore more effective, than a kind reminder from a diet-buddy, spouse, or well-intentioned family member.

I first learned all this first hand after I had my first child, so I don’t need any convincing. However, if you want to give the proven powers of such things a try, but aren’t ready to commit to a custom made corset, have I got a find for you: Vedette Shapewear.

Thanks to their kind offer to send me an item for review, I received the Renee Waist Cincher Underbust Corset, in black.  (Also available in other shades.) It’s a firm control braless shaper with double hook-and-eye front closure. As I’ve mentioned before, under-bust or open-bust shapewear allows you to wear your best fitting bras for the best overall figure support and enhancement.

Simple and practical in design, it went unnoticed beneath my clothing. Even my casual clothing. (Except for a few pairs of jeans which now were noticeably larger about the waist — after all, Vedette will slim you two to three inches instantly! — and belts fixed that.) But the amazing thing for me was how this shapewear was long enough for my usually problematic (freakishly long) torso — while still managing to sit beneath my bra and not leave an unflattering gap or “pudge” in the uncovered space. Quite a rare combination to achieve.

Color me impressed.

Speaking of color… While I opted for a basic black shaper, don’t think Vedette only makes their shaping chinchers, body suits, bras, panties, and other pieces in practical shades only. They make a number of super sexy looking foundation garments to make you look as pretty as you’ll feel — even when you’re just wearing the shapers! Not many shapewear lines can say that.

The Renee is as firm as advertised. The firm control of Vedetta shapewear comes from the combination of nylon, cotton, and natural hevea latex — and the boning. Yes, boning. On the Renee, there’s a pair in the front, another pair in the back. It’s been awhile since I’ve worn lingerie with boning so regularly (but I had to in order to properly review it!), and that took a bit of adjustment with some tasks, like sitting. No more slouching while blogging — but I looked better while doing it! *wink*

Seriously, though, this contemporary girdle is firm, but not really restrictive. If you are not used to paying attention to your posture, wearing this garment will remind you. And I consider that an excellent thing. Poor posture ruins the lines of outerwear as well as your attitude, ladies! And with your mind more firmly focused on your figure, you will reconsider that extra snack. Salute the suitably slimming effects of shapewear!

So the Renee wore fabulously — how did it fare in the wash?

I always handwash and line dry (or lay shapewear flat to dry). And that’s what I did with my Vedette shapewear. After several washings, the piece not only continued to look great but maintained its firm figure control. Awesome!

Overall, I couldn’t be more pleased with Vedetta. I think you will be too. (Since I didn’t have the usual problems of fitting my long torso, I’m planning on going back for a polkadot bodysuit — in lilac!)

Vedetta comes in five ranges of control, from light to extra firm (which means there is a firmer control than the shaper I have!) and an even wider range of sizes, from a 2XS to a 3XL. Their bras and shapers with bras run from A to E cups. That covers a lot of ladies and a lot of needs. And right now, lots of styles are on sale, including the Renee. And there’s free US shipping too!

PS Vedette shapewear can also be found on Amazon, which makes it easy for you to add it to your wish lists — nudge-nudge!

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