Today’s Little Vintage Lingerie History Lesson

In the 1960s, the cultural changes led to changes in fashion. Along with the fads, which have come and gone (some to resurface as retro trends), fashion separates were born. For those ladies who weren’t willing to let it all hang out, the latest mix and match form of dress led to some complications — such as, what do I wear beneath my little white blouse and suit?

Yes, there were half-slips and camisoles, but any lingerie aficionado knows there are great advantages to full-slips. Enter the two-tone full-slip, in which the top half was suitable for wear beneath practical beige, ivory, and white blouses, while the bottom of the slip was darker and most suitable for dark colored suit skirts. Because of their practical work, these two-pieces-in-one full-slips were also called “Suit Slips. Shown here is one two-tone “suit-slip” from the 1963 Spring-Summer Aldens catalog.

Some companies began making these slips back in the 1940s. Here’s a 1948 ad for Corette Suit Slips:

Two-tone full-slips or suit slips are rather rare finds. While it’s true that they were likely made in smaller quantities than their solid counterparts, these two-tone slips were also practical undergarments which were used. As such, few of them really have survived to be vintage finds. Eventually, as fashion separates were clearly here to stay, they were ultimately replaced by lingerie separates, the cami and half-slip. (And eventually these would become rarities themselves. *sigh*) Shown here are the vintage suit slips currently available on eBay: an ivory and black vintage full-slip, a vintage white and navy full-slip, a vintage white and black Sarah Smith Suit Slip, and a vintage Vanity Fair Suit Slip in cream and black.

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