Black Olga Moan

The title of this post references the film Black Snake Moan. If you’ve ever worn a vintage Olga nightgown, you already know why. But if you haven’t, there’s no need to ponder why — I’m only too happy to tell you. Once I’m done pitying you and your life sans Olga nightgowns, that is. (I know I’ve told you the joys of Olga nightgowns before — why do you resist me so?) The look of an Olga nightgown is incredible but truly, it is second to the feel of wearing an Olga nightgown. Add a matching peignoir and you may well end up chained to the radiator for a number of reasons… Most of them for your own protection! In this case, I ought to be chained-up just to keep myself from buying another Olga, especially as this is a petite and will never ever fit. *wink* But at this price?! It’s. So. Hard. To. Resist.

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