Sexy Gift Ideas For A Bride-To-Be

Yours truly get and email and rushes to the romantic rescue!

Hey, Slip, do me a solid. I’ve got a rather last-minute (in my schedule) hen party to go to and I’ve no time to think. It’s been ages since I’ve had to go to one of these things. Hen parties are what you call bachelorette parties over there, I think? Originally this was supposed to be a couples shower, but an aunt deals with these things, right?

Anyway, the gift has got to be something obviously flirty that she’ll likely blush to open in front of the rest of the girls, but will also actually use with her husband (or husband to be, since I’m pretty sure they’ve broken that seal already lol). I don’t like to waste money and this is supposed to be a gift, not just a hoot at the party.

Other than what I’ve already stated, my guidelines are simple:

One, not too expensive. But not icky-cheap stuff. Remember, I want her to be able to enjoy it.

And two, a company here in the UK — so the shipping is fast no tariffs etc.

Oh, and third, discreet shipping, because my neighbors are nosy parkers.

So any super sexy, affordable and fast ideas?

You’re the best!

How dare you drop your fine kettle of fish into my lap– and for someone I don’t know, yet! It’s a good thing I love you, Celine. *wink*

It’s no surprise I’m going to begin by suggesting lingerie sets, is it? From romantic and flirty, to flat-out dirty, there’s surely something to fit the bride-to-be’s style — and size too. Most of these lingerie pieces are easy to care for in terms of laundering, which I understand is an issue for newlyweds. *wink*

There’s also the sexy games category, which includes not only adult games, risque and even silly novelty items, but flavored and edible girlie glam items as well. Couples will actually use these things if they are available. (Remembering to order them, or managing to order them when thinking of them, is often a conflict of interest if you know what I mean!) And others at the party sure will have a blast passing around the packages! Plus, if you get this Hen Night Dares Bracelet, there’s fun to be had right that night!

Now, the only thing I ask in return is that you tell me what you gift  — and tell me how deeply she blushes and flushes when you present them! And send along my congratulations to the happy bride too, of course!

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