Midnight Blues

“Meet me at midnight,” she said. “I’ll be the one cloaked in the color of the night.”

As the clock struck the bewitching hour, you stood at the spot. Where else would you, could you, be?

And then she appeared…

True to her word, her features appeared through the veil of midnight — midnight blue nylon, the kind that skims her body and pools about her feet like a liquid. You thrilled to recognize her face; but everything else was a mystery beneath the nylon cover of night…

She smiled, arched her delicious eyebrow, and, with her little hand, she swept the night aside and for just a moment you could see she wore nothing beneath that gown — and just as quickly she restored the night, leaving you wondering if you saw what you saw.

From that moment on, you were putty in her hands.

Vintage gown by Miss Elaine; true bewitching power added by the lady who wears it.

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