Save Your Skin — And Some Money — This Winter

I just received my Curvy Couture order! While a detailed review of the lingerie is yet to come (so far, it is absolutely lovely; but I must wear and wash it a few times to be thorough), I can tell you about some of the things I received — the lingerie line’s body care products.

I treated myself because already my skin is suffering from the cold… The wind and the arid affects of having the furnace on is messing with my skin. That’s no good when wearing lingerie. *sigh* So here’s my review of Curvy Couture’s Fleur de Lavande Travel Pack, travel-sized Bath Salts, Shower Gel, Body Lotion and Hand Cream with a lavender scent.

(Curvy Couture’s body care also comes in Lemon Verbena, which sounds quite refreshing; but I suffer from insomnia and wanted something to help me relax, so I opted for the effects of the lavender. )

The fragrance is lovely. It’s light enough not to annoy my husband’s perfume-sensitive nose, yet long lasting enough for me to call it a fragrance. A tough combination for most products. *wink*

But the largest concerns I had were what most of us worry about: Does your skin feel better for having used it?

Softer? Yes!
Greasy? No.

Does it do that weird thing where your skin feels fabulous for like 20 minutes, but then suddenly seems to look dryer, especially around the cuticles and other dry places? (That’s usually a sign of too much alcohol in the products, by the way.) In order to be sure, I used them during the daytime and paid special (nearly obsessive!) heed to the potential… Nope, these products don’t do that either!

The body care items do what they are supposed to do, leaving you feeling physically and emotionally more beautiful. So I can give them the official stamp of approval.

Use your special A Slip Of A Girl discount code and save 20% not only for the lingerie, but for treating yourself — your friends, lovers, and family members — to the pampering skin care products from Curvy Couture. The holiday season is closer than you think! And I say that not only because you need to buy gifts, but because you’ll be needing refreshing Lemon Verbena and relaxing Fleur de Lavande then too, right? *smile*

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