Pretty Vintage Patterned Bras Make My Heart Go Pitter-Pat

There’s something about the impracticality of fancy printed bras that makes them seem so luxurious… Decadent, even. Here are some recent finds: A vintage Van Raalte Tiger Print Bullet Bra, a vintage gold beaded and studded Gelmart tailored bra, a vintage Vanity Fair bra in shiny satin spandex with rose print and sexy cris-crosses in front, a sexy sheer black bullet bra with dainty bow designs and a sexy peek-a-boo center (a Harriette Ross “Cheers” bra!), a brilliantly colored vintage Vanity Fair bra trimmed in black lace, a vintage sexy black lace triangle bra (and matching panties!) from the Mayfair Shop, a vintage Naturana black bullet bra with a bright floral print and white lace trim, and, lastly, another vintage Vanity Fair bra — this one in leopard print.

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