This Week’s Lingerie Link Round-Up

This month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so there will be a lot of news and posts about breast health here at this blog and elsewhere. One of the most amazing stories I’ve read is about First Warning Systems‘s work designing and testing a smart bra that is essentially a continuous breast exam:

The Breast Tissue Screening Bra incorporates a sensor that measures tiny temperature changes that occur as blood vessels grow and feed tumors, which the company says grow for an average of 12 years (to 4 centimeters in diameter) before being surgically removed.

Sounds incredibly space-age to me! Fingers-crossed this technology can work because The Girls hate being smashed by mammograms.

Speaking of space age… Vintage “out of this world space age panties” are not so alien — they hold “French delights”! *wink*

English singer/pianist Myleene Angela Klass recently unveiled a vintage-inspired lingerie line at UK-based retailer Littlewoods.

Check out an interesting article on Georgia Holden.

Do you shriek in fright or squeal with delight over mushroom-covered vintage lingerie?

Image via Facebook. Which reminds me… When the A Slip Of A Girl Facebook Page gets 100 “likes”, something may surprise you there!

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