"To see the wonderful new Gossard Corsets designed for Fall is to involuntarily stop and marvel."

A large antique corset ad printed in November, 1917, for Gossard Corsets.

Years of concentrated effort in the manufacture of the celebrated Gossard Corsets have resulted in the production of these wonderful garments. Gossard Corsets have arrived at their greatest excellence: have achieved their highest effect in contributing to the beauty and loveliness of women.

This season an array of materials, fabrics and trimmings of rare beauty, daintiness and durability such as have never been used before have been cut and wrought into these wondrous designs, which only Gossard originates.

Can we promise you a greater boon than perfect health and priceless comfort? For these Gossards are carefully and skillfully designed, and that woman who fails to wear one this season misses her opportunity to improve her figure to its utmost in beauty and contour.

Select the Gossard Designed for Your Figure Type — and the Price You Wish to Pay

There Are NINE IDEAL Figure Types — Which is Yours?

Ideal Average Figure:

Ideal Tall, Slender Figure

Ideal Short, Slender Figure

Ideal Tall, Heavy Figure

Ideal Short, Heavy Figure

Ideal Large-Above-The-Waist Figure (“the typical French figure”)

Ideal Large-Below-The-Waist Figure

Ideal Short-Waisted Figure

Ideal Curved Back Figure

Gossard Misses’ and Junior Models (for “the growing girl”)

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