In Praise Of Draped Cowl Necks On Lingerie

The cowl neck is less-than-attractive name for the draped neckline which lays in lose folds and swings as you move. This neckline not only is full of sensual delights to wear, but offers modesty as well. Many a Sunday morning I’ve sat wearing lingerie with such a neckline at the family breakfast table… And the little smile which played upon my lips was not merely the happiness of watching my family enjoy their pancakes. *wink* Shown here are vintage lingerie pieces with cowl necklines currently available at eBay: a vintage electric blue nylon teddy by Undercover Wear, a vintage John Kloss for Cira black nylon nightgown, another vintage John Kloss for Cira piece — a blue nylon teddy, and a super shiny 70s nightgown in pink.

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