The "Scoop" On Olga Panties

Another email for help!

Hi Slip,

I’m puzzled by these panties by Olga with the line down the crack — did/do women actually want to accentuate that feature?

“Puzzled Pauline”

Pauline, I can’t speak for all women, however, most of us do not want to accentuate or otherwise create a crack in our fashion lines. *wink* Yet, I can understand your confusion. The seam down the backside of these Olga panties can be easily misunderstood — if you aren’t aware of why it’s there, on a woman’s derriere.

Olga Erteszek, the founder of and designer behind the lingerie brand, was as concerned with the fit and feel of lingerie as much as she was with the beauty of lingerie. You don’t ever have to have worn Olga lingerie (though I highly recommend doing so!) to believe it; Olga held at least 28 patents for lingerie design, which was the woman’s record for number of patents.

If such an obvious seam seems against such a great fashion design sense, let’s look closely at a pair of them.

See how these panties are not just a tube with leg holes, or even two triangular-type pieces, sewn together at the sides? Instead, the backside of the panty (until it reaches the gusset) is, much like the female bottom, formed from two halves.

More than just mimicking the female form in approach, the panty design puts textile technology to good use. Sewn in pieces as this is, the knit of the fabric stretches on each side in mirror-like fashion and the panty then supports, scoops or hugs. (Hence the panty’s name!) Given the elasticity of the fabric, neither the panty nor its seam falls into the nether regions but rather is pulled taut across it. Yes, there may be a bit of a “dip” but nothing uncomfortable. And the seam is not noticeable beneath clothing.

This design construction helps maintain the desired shape and contour (of the wearer and the undergarment) while avoiding the discomfort of ill-fitting saggy-baggy knickers, wash after wash, wear after wear.

There is some uncertainty regarding the quality of new Olga Scoop and/or Hug panties… The reviews at Amazon are filled with complaints regarding quality; yet these panties have won The Undies award for best panty in both 2012 and 2009. As usual, I strongly recommend looking for vintage Olga panties because those are truly wonderful!

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