Hipity Vs Shop It To Me

I was given an invite to preview or beta test the new Hipity.com, a new site which aims to simplify your life by bringing you the sale and promotion codes for your favorite stores:

We make shopping for sales at your favorite retailers easier and faster. Hipiti is a unique new platform that aims to make your life a little easier!

Hipity allows you to select your stores and they’ll scour the sales and discount offers and bring them right to your inbox (and to your personalized page on their website).

If this sounds a bit familiar, it is. Hipity is a lot like Shop It To Me. But there are a few differences…

Along with clothing, shoes, and accessories, Hipity includes health & beauty products and items for the home.

And there are differences in the emails you’ll receive. While Shop It To Me is full of pretty pictures which inspire more than a few impulse buys, Hipity keeps their emails down to a more minimalist list. Shop It To Me’s Sale Mail Alerts also have featured editor’s picks at the top as well.

Is the lack of images a pro or a con? Well, I think that depends on you. (I personally prefer the images; but I can see the merits of just noting the discounts and other offers.)

Both sites allow you to filter or sort the results too. Shop It To Me allows you to sort by Retailer, Clothing Type, and Brand; Hipity allows you to filter by Category, Offer Type (Flash Sale, Gift, New Arrivals, Promo Codes, Sale, (Free) Shipping, and Trend Alerts) and Offer End Date.

Shop It To Me also has a search function on their website. Simply login to your dashboard and cut right to the quick of things by searching for the items on your shopping list.

But my favorite feature — the one that saves me the most time and money — is one that only Shop It To Me has, and that’s the ability to select sizes. Why suffer the heartbreak of clicking through to the pretty bra on sale for cheap to discover it’s not available in your size? By having the size info in your profile, you save a lot of time not clicking on items that won’t fit.

Hipity is still in beta, and therefore has plenty of room to grow and add features. And nothing’s stopping from Shop It To Me from continuing to add to their services either. Regardless of what changes either site makes, or doesn’t make, there’s no reason savvy shoppers can’t benefit from both services.

As a founding beta member of Hipity, I have five invites I can give out; hit me up if you need one!

You can sign up for Shop It To Me here.

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