This Week’s Lingerie Link Round-Up – Slightly Saucy Edition

This week the links are perhaps lighter on the lingerie news and heavier on the issues I feel surround lingerie. Some of them are saucy, some are ranty… But hey, I’d rather go down in history as a spunky woman than a boring one — a lovely lingerie-wearing spunky woman, of course. *wink*

Cherie Amie asks, “What if your panties could change the world?

Speaking of changing the world… My friend Deanna wrote this kick-ass piece on women, scarlet letters, and politics today. Go read it and take action. Hey, Martha Plimpton thinks it’s an “excellent piece” and that Deanna “rocks” so I’m not kidding. Go read it and take action!

Treacle wants change too — change she can see. I utterly agree.

Deanna curates women’s issues and history at Snip.It, which is where I found this great video from Amy Poehler addressing body image issues:

Deanna also curates on sex positivity, which is where I found this to applaud over: a learning disability sex campaign!

Speaking of Deanna — and classic cars… Deanna’s daughter is selling some of her photography!

I don’t think I agree with the implication that these are so painful or restrictive that the wear suffers to get air, but you’ll likely enjoy seeing 13 Photos of 1940s-Era Corsets Will Take Your Breath Away (Literally).

Simon Preen’s Autum/Winter 2012 collection hits Stud & Stud; for me with a thud. Not loving the robotic style. Go ahead and argue with me if you want.

Frederick’s Of Hollywood launched The Harriet Collection in honor of founder Frederick Mellinger’s wife and longtime muse, Harriett. “To honor the woman behind the man, we’ve created a luxurious, new namesake collection. Harriett is an ode to the love story behind the legend.”

This is not the kind of vintage underwear I usually talk about. I don’t care if it’s Elvis’ underpants, “stained” is eeeiwwwww.

Ann Summers launched the world’s first interactive lingerie app. (Nice selection of bra sizes; not as great for nighties, etc.)

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