Panty Of The Month Club, Part Two

Panty By Post is another panty of the month club. As expected, the idea is the same, but there are differences…

The biggest difference is control. You can select which style(s) you’d like to give, and even select the specific panties. Great for those who are particular, or are giving panties to particular folks. (Hey, I don’t want thongs, and they have a package for that!) And you can opt for how long you want the panties to arrive: 12 months, 6 months, 3 months, or even just one month.

On the site, Panty By Post says they carry panties up to size 4X and that these panties are by Change Lingerie. But I honestly couldn’t tell which panties were by that company when looking at the panty gallery — which is where you’re supposed to shop. I have to say, seeing all the pretty panties is nice. But finding which ones come in plus-sizes? Not so easy. So, really, you’re back to letting Panty By Post select the panties for your larger lady anyway. Unless you want to spend a lot of time navigating between Panty By Post and Change Lingerie. I didn’t.

Pricing. Panty By Post is a bit more expensive per month; a single pair of panties is $30. But they do discount when you subscribe for multiple months, which brings the cost down as low as $18 per panty — however, you’ll need to subscribe, i.e. pay up front, to get those savings. Details on the rates and packages are here.

Note: Panty By Post proudly proclaims, “We make the postman blush!” — which means if you don’t want anyone to blush (in a bad way), you’ll need to contact the folks at Panty By Post and make arrangements for panties to arrive in an unmarked envelope.

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