The Smart & Sexy Lingerie, Fashion, And Shopping Link Round-Up

Before you all go clicking-off into the links below, I wanted to give you a few updates here at A Slip Of A Girl

A) The folks at the webring service say they have fixed the bug which was causing problems last month, so I’ve reinstalled it. Please let me know if you encounter any issues!

B) I’m confused why there are so few votes on the poll… Don’t you care? Or did you just miss it sitting there, on the left, at the top of the page? Please share your thoughts!

Now, onto the link round-up!

If you wonder and lament, as I do, the near extinction of America’s garment industry, you might want to read this post: The Decline of the U.S. Garment Industry. It’s written by David Birnbaum, author of Crisis in the 21st Century Garment Industry and Breakthrough Unified Strategies (among others), who has decades of professional experience in the garment industry.

Kiss Me Deadly founder, and all-around smart sexy cookie, Catherine Clavering explains why so many boutique brands are opening their own online stores.

Via Deanna’s Antiques & Vintage Collectibles “Scoop”, I found this neat article on the lost art of fashion illustration. It’s largely a review of Masters of Fashion Illustration by David Downton, but it intrigues a girl like me, who loves vintage fashion illustration, so much that I’m adding the book to my wishlist. (Related: Deanna’s post on vintage lingerie packaging.)

The Corset Connection has a special: Use code FREELINER and get a free corset liner with purchase of the Victorian Riding Underbust Corset in Bronze Taffeta! While supplies last.

Esty Lingerie is giving away garters! Details on how to enter are here. Esty also has a new blog and a new lingerie forum, so check ’em out!

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