The Sweetest Little Vintage Henson Kickernick Full-Slip

An silky vintage ivory nylon full-slip is dreamy to wear. When it’s by Henson Kickernick, it’s high quality, including metal slides to adjust the shoulder straps. But when it’s trimmed in dainty lace, accented with pretty pin roses, and finished in a scalloped hem — trimmed in more dainty lace, it’s about the sweetest thing ever! I completely agree with Sara, the seller, when she says:

There has to be a law that says, if you’re going to wear this slip, it has to be for a minimum length of time and you have to do your nails or sit at a dressing table, deciding how you’re going to have your hair cut tomorrow – or daydreaming about the possibility of the doorbell being rung, in a couple of minutes’ time, by quite the dishiest hunk you could ever imagine. And you’d have to answer the door, in your slip, trying to look slightly embarrassed whilst, at the same time, not trying at all to look drop dead gorgeous.

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