Two Red Hot Sexy Lingerie Tips

The first tip is an alert to these fire-engine-red silk full-cut panties, the Dominique Vibrant Brief, from Secrets In Lace.

Full-cut panties may not be brief briefs, but you know how I extoll upon their sensual virtues… And in silk? Fancy prancing panties indeed!

 (Also available in black silk.)

The second tip is a a bit more personal…

Try posing in the doorway like a lingerie model or pinup wearing lingerie for your lover. It may feel silly — but only at first. The familiar flagrant display of your womanly charms will be an irresistable siren’s call! Try it and see! (I haven’t done this in ages; but last night I beckoned hubby away from his computer doing just this — it’s a classic that works nearly every time!)

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