Chandelier-Inspired Lingerie Sheds Light On My Shopping Habits

This is the stunning chandelier-inspired Crochet Back Bra from IntiMint.

I love it in both colors, pink and black. However, I did not like being forced to create my style profile and register just to see more details about the bra.

Especially as I find style profiles based on celebrities off-putting… It’s not that I don’t have fantasies, but I’m a realist when it comes to shopping. I know I’m no size 2. Nor do I have red carpet events to attend. And I know that part of what makes me fancy a movie star or celebrity is the work they do. …Maybe a story or two about their lives. That all really has little to do with my fashion style or purchasing.

Maybe I’m just not girlie enough or celebrity obsessed enough for today’s shopping.

Or maybe I’m just too moody and private… I like to shop when the mood or desire (and wallet) dictates, not be held accountable today for yesterday’s desires. Plus, why must I give so much info before I’ve even made up my mind to buy — today or any day?

In any case, I did make a style profile — and the pretty bra that caught my eye on the landing page, the Crochet Back Bra, was in my “showroom.” So somehow I guess it worked. (Or maybe it’s all a gimmick; my friend agreed to register and create her own personal style profile and the bra was in her showroom too. Perhaps we all get shown the entire inventory, just in a wee bit different order?)

Whatever the case, I’d still prefer to just be able to shop without having to do such things.

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