This Week’s Lingerie Link Round-Up

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Scottish bra maker Ultimo says its research shows that women’s lingerie fashions follow a 40-year cycle of vintage styles coming back into vogue.

In echos of my articles (part one, part two), Judy Barouch says the 1970s have plenty to account for in terms of “ruining” lingerie.

Look at antique hoops and bustles!

Because fitting the female form has always been complicated, and fashions today are, well, what they are, I have this to say about female waistlines.

Smart British don’t want to let Icky Vicky aka Victoria’s Secret onto Bond Street.

Brazilian-born beauty Amelia Racine poses in Frederick’s of Hollywood lingerie.

Enjoy a vintage pinup inspired lingerie photo-shoot from Swedish Photographer Lotta Adolfsson of Mayalee Photography.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley appears on the cover of the September issue of Elle UK and, apparently, in the issue the model discusses that fact that she collects vintage lingerie. Anyone care enlighten us more on the contents of the issue?

Vintage slip photo via.

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