For Moms Who Can’t Wait For School To Start

For those of us suffering the “I’m bored” whines, the in-and-outs of children all day (some of which are not even yours!), school cannot start fast enough. We love our children — and we believe they love us too, but we sure miss some time to ourselves. Wouldn’t this Survival Pack of zChocolats help save the day?

Along with 15 pieces of indulgent chocolate — one from each of the recipes by zChocolat, the emergency survival package also includes a flashlight, compass, and whistle. Moms, you eat the chocolate; you can pass out the compass and whistle to the kids to get them out of the way. (I’d keep the flashlight — not only might you need to stash yourself in a closet to eat the chocolates in private, but I think the flashlight might be a fun little prop when you feel playful with hubby lol)

These chocolates are meant to be eaten within three weeks after delivery (they should not be refrigerated or frozen because this can spoil their delicate flavor or alter the fillings). So, ladies, eat them when they arrive. You know you need ’em now anyway. *wink*

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