Back To School, Back To Lingerie Basics: Bra Edition

I don’t know about you, but I tend to be more in need of strapless bras in the winter time than in summer. The odd, uneven, tan lines on my arms, shoulders, and neckline make me walk away from strapless dresses in summer — but in winter, especially the holiday times, I love a classic strapless dress. So this is the time of year I start shopping for pretty and practical strapless bras to avoid problems during the already crazy holiday season. (It seems as soon as I fall in love with a bra, wear it and wash it a few times, then go back for another, they no longer make it; strapless bras included.) I’m thinking of giving the Intrigue Strapless Bra from Secrets In Lace a try… I have a pretty pink with a slight silver-grey metallic ton, strapless dress which I think the pink strapless bra would work beneath just beautifully. The Intrigue Strapless Bra also comes in white, ivory, and black.

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