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A few of you have said that you’ve had problems visiting here due to an issue with the lingerie webrings embeded in this blog. While I’ve not been able to replicate the problem, I’ve deleted the webring code. At least temporarily… Let’s see how it goes. Now, on with the links!

Everybody — well, lots of folks, anyway — emailed me about the discovery of 600 year old bras. This means the bra was developed long before the mythos of the 1920s bra invention and, according to historians, prior to corsets themselves. I have some thoughts on all this but need to go back deep into my research to see if I can find proof… Also in that story, the “shocking” news that men — not women — once wore the panties in the family. Don’t get all excited, but men needed something to hold their jiggly bits. I’m surprised by how many people didn’t know this… Hasn’t anyone ever looked at the photos in National Geographic?

Kiss Me Deadly’s photo contest runs through August 27, 2012, so there’s still plenty of time to enter to win!

The Lingerie Collective‘s sample sale runs July 29 through the 31st (2012).

Image Credits: Esty Lingerie now has Flirty Thirtys lingerie, vintage-inspired sleepwear and loungewear that reminiscent of the glamour from the golden age of Hollywood. Each piece is hand-crafted to order in the UK — in as little as seven days. Pieces in the collections come in black, antique white, and what they call a “close to skin tone, nude” (I am far more comfortable calling it a pinked-beige, as we all have different skin shades — lots of which are not pink and/or beige at all). Oh, and the wedding lingerie naturally has the “something blue.”  To celebrate the launch of the new line (and in keeping with the Flirty Thirtys website), there’s 10% off the lingerie line until the end of July (2012).

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