Girdles From Bygone Eras: Peter Pan & Oleg Cassini

In the early 1960s, circa 1964, Oleg Cassini based his both his fashion and home looks for his House of Cassini on the Renaissance look. Here are pages highlighting Oleg Cassini fashions — including a stunning black open-bottom roll-on girdle.

Here’s the girdle itself! Along with a diamond waist panel of olive green and turquoise floral print fabric overlaid with black floral lace(punctuated with a tiny black bow!), there are the bands of powernet for control, and six black metal enameled garters bearing the word “Italianos”.

This vintage black “Provocative” girdle bears a label from Peter Pan — and an “Inspired by Oleg Cassini” black label.

All images via Strange Vintage, who credits the Cassini pictorial as belonging to a book and via another, unnamed, seller. Anyone with additional info, please let me know!

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