It’s Hot! Don’t Forget Your Iron!

No, this isn’t some health related post about the dangers of heat. But it sure is hot — not just the sexy lingerie here which makes temperatures soar in an amorous way, but the actual temperature. From what I see and hear, the whole US is suffering from this hot summer. Honestly, it’s been sapping all my strength the past few weeks…

The best way I know to beat the heat has been to eschew my favorite nylon nighties and go with cotton. I know, I know; many of your groan. But if this momma wants to be comfortable, both in terms of sleeping and spending time relaxing with the family watching TV or movies, cotton is the answer. And, contrary to what you may think, cotton can be more than cute and comfy, but sexy too.

Here are some of my cotton nightgown tips and tricks for staying cool while not giving up your sex appeal — or your modesty.

All 100% cotton breathes. It also absorbs the moisture from your skin, allowing it to evaporate by passing through the fabric. Select cotton nightgowns which are of the woven (think “linen” type) varieties; not the jersey or the flannel kinds. This way, the nightgown will “hang” or drape a bit away from your body, allowing air to circulate.  All of this helps to draw heat away from the skin, removes body moisture, and keeps the body cool and dry.

And this sort of nightgown can feel nearly crisp — while the rest of you is wilting.

Especially if you know how to properly care for your cotton nighties.

Wash as directed (usually in cold water) — but do not line dry, or at least tumble them in the dryer for the last few minutes, so that they are soft and not scratchy. Then iron — yes, a good old fashioned ironing! This helps give the cotton a nice, crisp feeling. No starch or anything. You don’t want it stiff; just crisp. I can’t tell you the difference this makes! In this heat, putting on some wrinkled old thing just won’t help your wilting mood; but a crisp nightie or nightgown… Now that’s an entirely different thing! (I like to iron mine, then hang them in the closet to they are less likely to wrinkle, bunch, or crease,)

And cotton sleepwear which captures the old, antique, style — like this one, or this one by Dior — is incredibly beautiful.

House of Olivier even will supply you with a vibrant satin sash! Tell me that’s not glamorous!

The biggest draw back with cotton nightgowns, honestly, is the modesty factor. Or at least sheer white nightgowns can make me feel like I’m showing too much around the kids… Be it panties or areolas! Vintage cotton nighties used to come in pretty patterns, usually floral (but not only; along with other prints, there were stripes and seersucker), and that diffused lighting — and situations.

Some contemporary lingerie and clothing companies do offer cotton sleepwear in patterns; Lane Bryant, or example, has a cute woven cotton nightie in plaid — and it’s on sale!

Cotton does come in colors, you know. From fancy dyes to the unbleached “muslin” look, there are options.Julianna Rae makes a lovely Sun Showers chemise in cotton, in several colors.

If you can only find white cotton nighties, try those with pintucks or lace overlays on the bodice. This one has beautiful handmade tatting lace!

And don’t forget the white, beige, or other neutral (cotton, preferably) panties, with the least amount of contrasting laces and trims.

Of course, you can always opt for cotton pajamas too. I just love the print on this vintage two-piece set from the 1950s!

Try cotton nighties and sleepwear; you’ll find you’ll beat the heat and still be cute as a button! Just look at Sara, from The Dream Merchants II, in a vintage floral print cotton nightie from Glencraft!

Of course, if you don’t have children to contend with… Look how sexy Sara is in this vintage blue cotton nightie from Leonora, Inc. is! Pretty blue cotton, with white lace and embroidery — and a 21 inch slit on the side, sure to get a salute!

Gosh, now it really is hot in here from just the lingerie!

Image Credits (Not Already Linked): Photo by Julian Allason for The Sunday Times Weekly Review, September 9, 1973; scanned by Laura McLaws Helms from The Women We Wanted to Look Like, by Brigid Keenan, 1978.

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