Little Bits About Frilly Bits (Otherwise Known As This Week’s Lingerie Link Round-Up)

The Lingerie Alliance has officially launched! Whilst membership costs are not currently listed, I have made contact & do hope it is affordable (especially as I will most likely not be able to attend events, as they are, as most fashion events are, typically in New York. *sigh*) You can find more details in this press release and at the official Facebook page.

Judy Barouch’s Lingerie Looks Back To The Future is preaching to the choir here with it’s message that “The 50s fashion revival has seen a renewed interest in the art of support” — but still worthy of reading!

You probably have already heard of the “Face Bra for Insomniacs,” but just in case you haven’t…

Oh, and I forgot to mention this last week! Shame on me! Treacle, The Lingerie Addict, mentioned me in this interview!

Image Credits: Women once lost their girdles and underthings on the London Transport! This and other images from Forgetfulness by Tons and Thousands; How London, the Absent Minded Keeps Lost Property Offices Busy, published in Illustrated London News (March 5, 1938); via Cultural History.

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