I Tried To Think Of A Pun… Or Something

But (for once), I failed. Perhaps it’s because this Bare Necessities sales pitch for Marlies Dekkers’ bras is a complete anathema to me: Buy a “Statement Bra”, get a free low-scoop tank top to show it off.” Rising out of the neckline like double whale tails (and twice as loathsome), are the sexy if waited to be revealed straps encircling the tops of the cups of the Marlies Dekkers bras. Ugh. For years, we were all classy enough to wish to hide our bras and foundation garments. Such actions are part of the glamour — in its various meanings. Like a magician, a lady never reveals her secrets. But now there’s this… It’s worse than “letting it all hang out” — for that is natural beauty. This is truly a negative artifice.

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