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 1) Whatever lingerie designers, brands, and shops you “Like” on Facebook, you’ll want to know this: Has your Facebook homepage seemed slow or missing anything lately? Due to Facebook’s new policy of “pay to promote” for Facebook pages, only about 10% of people that “Like” any page will see that page’s status updates! In order to see the status updates and news on all the pages you “Like”, you now need to visit those pages, click/hover over the “Liked” button, and click on “show in news feed” option. This will activate the feeds and allow you to see all of the posts for any given page again. (Tip via Deanna & Inherited Values on Facebook.)

2)  Remember the Esty Lingerie Design Competition? Well, a winner has been selected! Taylor Rose Dunning’s winning design can be seen here, and Esty’s favorite entries can be seen here. Meanwhile, we await manufacture and sales…

 3) On the Today Show this morning, style editor Bobbie Thomas shared “7 Lingerie Items to Keep You Looking Sexy”. Included in the segment, was a mention of

True & Co. goes beyond just size to also account for the shape of your “girlfriends”, and developed a female-friendly online bra-fitting service. Their 2-minute quiz covers all the crucial questions, like do your cups runneth over and where do bras dig into your body? After the quiz, 5 recommended styles are sent to your home to try. You can ship back the extras at no cost, and keep the ones you feel most confident in

What Thomas failed to mention is how that really works. According to True & Co.:

How does your home try-on program work? After you complete your quiz, we’ll create a personal bra shop just for you. You pick 3 styles, and our bra fit experts will pick 2, for a total of 5 bras to be shipped to your home. Shipping and returns are free. You get to try them on for 7 days. After you’ve decided which ones to keep, log onto True&Co and tell us which items you plan to keep using the return and keep form. After you’re done, send back the rest in the same box you received for free! Do you charge my credit card when I order the five styles? We ask for your credit card information when you checkout, and we use that to charge a fully refundable $45 deposit for all 5 bras.

Also, due to response, all orders will ship sometime in July. What I’d like to know is, have any of you tried True & Co.? If so, how did it go?  

Image Credits: A very summery leopard print lingerie collection from Secrets In Lace: Bettie Leopard Plunge Push-Up Bra and Bettie Girdle (with Zipper) in pink!

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