Figure + Silhouettes = Figurettes

Back in the day, when bullet bras reigned, there were Figurettes bras. This line of custom fitted bras came in over 300 sizes, and had a built-in shelf to support the breast. Over the supportive construction there were lovely triangles of lace, each of which fasten with a hook at the top — similar to today’s nursing bras.

This matter of hooks surprised me — for I once had a Figurette bra, but there were no hooks. I’m not sure if some were made differently, or if, as oft happens with vintage lingerie, the one I had was modified / altered by its previous owner by sewing the lace triangles down. If you have any experience with these bras, please do share!

Anyway, thanks to scans of the original pamphlet from retrorrific, we can see in the six steps to putting one on just how the bras worked. (I guess they still work; but you know what I mean. …It’s difficult to keep proper tense when speaking of vintage lingerie!)

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