Empreinte Lingerie: Lace Bras That Really Are For Divas

Empreinte has been making bras for over 60 years, specializing in bras with larger cup sizes, sizes C through G. Not just beautiful bras for the bigger busted among us, but bras designed to enhance, support, and made to last. This is one company that invests in R & D. The latest research & development brings the Diva Collection, a lingerie collection based on molded lace.

Molded lace may not seem like much at first — but it is the most significant innovation in lace since John Leaver and Joseph Jacquard developed the two machines which would be called the Leaver’s Lace Loom, giving the world Leavers Lace.

Creating molded lace was no small thing to do either.

It took the combined efforts of Empreinte, a German moulding expert, and a Swiss embroiderer 18 months and 40 prototypes to create the technology to design a seamless cup of molded guipure lace. Guipure lace (aka Venise lace, “burned-out” lace, “chemical” lace) is lace embroidered onto a stabilizing paper, paper which is then dissolved through a chemical process, leaving behind a lovely lace free of any fabric or mesh background — yet is sturdy enough to support the breasts while giving a rounded, natural silhouette.

The result is that of lace looking like it’s painted on the body — an incredible tattoo-like effect that’s not permanent yet supports and enhances the female form. Now that’s real body art.

The Diva line also includes matching panties and a fabulous bodysuit (which fits up to a 38G and a 40F) of molded floral lace cups above a devilish houndstooth pattern. (This is what I want for my birthday. Yup, even if it has a thong back.)

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