The "Lingerie Has Never Been So Uninhibited" Link Round-Up

A history lesson on crossdressing, transgender, and gender bending fashions via vintage issues of Jet and other magazines.

Lingerie helps with music education. *wink*

Vintage fashion retailer ModCloth gets $25 million in funding!

Finding authentic vintage Schiaparelli stockings! (How lucky is she?!)

I hope she finds the vintage scarf that matches this lovely ballerina print lingerie set

The Lingerie Addict has some help from Little Miss Risk in providing a Tightlacing 101. (If tightlacing freaks you out, or you just love lingerie history, see also Deanna’s corset series.)

Washington state Senator Mary Margaret Haugen has donated her museum-worthy clothing collection to the Stanwood Area Historical Society and the collection goes on exhibit at the Floyd Norgaard Cultural Center. The exhibit, Women’s Fashions from the 1890s to 1960s, opens Saturday, May 19, 2012.

Thoughts on the vintage Lovable Bra campaign featuring Brigitte Bardot.

Image Credits: Vintage DuPont nylon lingerie ad via.

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