Two Things You Need For An 80s Look

If you lived in the 1980s, you know there are two simple things you need to wear to instantly create the retro look: see-through lace and ruffles. With them, you can be a Material Girl, a Valley Girl, a Girl Who Just Wants To Have Fun, a Girl From A ZZ Top Video, one of Prince’s Girls — or even Prince himself.

You can get them both just by buying two simple fashion accessories: wrist length lace gloves with ruffles and lace anklet socks with ruffles. At Body Kandi, you get both — one pair of each — for less than $7. So why not grab a few?

Pair the lace anklets with pumps, peep-toe-booties, or even some Converse sneakers. The gloves will help pull it all together. Of course, layers of crinolines and petticoats wouldn’t hurt either.

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