Vintage Lingerie & Lingerie News Link Round-Up

#1 Indy of Women In Full Cut Nylon Briefs Group sent me this link to a video of What Katie Did’s SS12 collection. Yummy!

#2 Retailer M&S celebrates their lingerie history. (See also link #7 in this past link round-up.) In celebration of their own lingerie history (or the Queen’s ­Diamond Jubilee?) M&S has launched the Jubilee Celebration Range, which features vintage inspired lingerie styles.

#3 You (and I) may love the incredible number of vintage themed TV shows and the period fashions which we see on them, but as The Wall Street Journal reports, this trend may be why you see prices on vintage lingerie and fashions increasing.

#4 Speaking of television… I was very peeved to find out (the hard way) that NBC switched time slots for Fashion Star; if you missed last night’s episode too, here are the results. (It might surprise you, but I’m a HUGE Kara fan!)  

#5 Don’t forget! There’s still time to enter my contest to win a $100 shopping spree at Shopbop! (You may enter up to 4 times a day, so get crack-a-lackin’!)

#6 Guess who (rather icky) mag Cosmopolitan is getting into bed with? In a move likely to try to salvage their bottom line, Cosmo is collaborating with J.C. Penney for a lingerie line to hit (or miss) this fall. Wouldn’t it just be wiser to make a better magazine?

#7 Sexy 43 year old Helena Christensen’s still modeling — and lingerie, yet!

#8 You know how I feel about Icky Vicky, so I loved this post: Victoria’s Secret bras don’t even fit the models!

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