Vintage Black Garters

Every once and awhile I like to shop for vintage black garter belts — it’s a staple, and since vintage isn’t exactly restocked everyday, I like to make sure I keep an eye out for pieces before I need them desperately. Of course, there’s always the great possibility that I’ll become so smitten with somethings that whether I need them or not, I am desperate to have them. *wink* Here are a few of those pieces I found today.

This vintage Manon Corsetterie Deluxe, Vienna Style, black garter belt is made of sheer black floral lace, scalloped along the bottom with more lace, and has a pair of flowers, one pink, one yellow, at the center of the waist.

If you prefer more powernet, this sexy black vintage suspender belt offers more waist whittling  — with bits of black lace provocatively placed.

Of course, there’s still the classic little black garters you just wear around the welt of the stocking. This is a pretty vintage pair by Glamour Garters, which marries black satin and lace with pink rosettes and ribbons. As much innocent fun to put on as to slide off!

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