White Panties & An Angel’s Face

Full-cut vintage panties in a sheer off-white with a satin cloud of an applique, with an angel’s face and wings embroidered in pink.

So sweet! And pure too, not just because “Cleanliness is close to Godliness,” but because these vintage acetate tricot panties are Beaunit panties:

Beaunit Fabric is Sanitized

  • Retards Odors
  • Inhibits Germ Growth
  • Effective After Repeated Washings

If you’re obsessed with vintage lingerie knowledge, as I am; a health nut; or just a nerdy fan of chemicals, patents, and the like; here are links to more info on Beaunit: Beaunit Corporation, the Trademark, and the patent. The short story, however, is that the already soil-resistant fabric has been treated for additional strength in this area; then the fabric can become the sweet little nothings of garments we love.

All images via Bookahtoo.

PS: The post title is a play on “Black panties with an angel’s face,” a line in Abracadabra by the Steve Miller Band. I’ll forgive you if you’re too young to remember. *wink*

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