A Celebrity-Infected Lingerie Link Round-Up

#1With a bullet, baby, because it’s the only vintage link this time around. Build Your Own Best Silhouette, tips on foundation garments on pages straight out of 1956. The lovely vintage lingerie lessons continue here.

#2 Amanda Seyfried wears a lacy red bra, and a brunette wig, in the poster for, Lovelace, the Linda Lovelace bio-pic. (I’m going out on a limb to say there will be more — lingerie and skin — in the movie.)

#3 Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s design debut is an exclusive collection of lingerie for Marks & Spencer. The Rosie For Autograph collection, to be released in September, is said to be inspired by the 1920s and features a “subtle, muted palette.

#4 Paris Hilton’s ill-fated Italian lingerie deal didn’t really get its date in court.

#5 Franku’s got a thing for Super Heroes Heroines and Agent Provocateur’s Margot.

#6 Film costume designers continue to create merchandise, err, retail fashions.

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