A Lovely Lingerie Link Round Up

#1 Lovely Louise Ferdinand Lingerie, handmade in the UK by designer Sandra Palmer, arrives at Esty Lingerie. The luxury brand includes satin, lace and taffeta styles — and caters to DD+ bust sizes with bras from 28DD to 38J and matching briefs available from UK size 8 to a UK size 22.

#2 In The Vintage Vs. Modern Bra Showdown, Hillary Reinsberg goes shopping to see if bra shopping has always been a hassle.

#3 Related to my recent rant, Treacle has decided to make The Lingerie Addict a “body snark free” zone. (Perhaps I’ve never been pushed into making such a declaration because I rant a lot. *wink* Or maybe it’s because I’m so accepting of crossdressers here that no one bothers to be so rude. Or maybe you readers are all just classy like that. Whatever the reason, thanks for not making me feel forced to spell it out kindness & respect to you! And kudos to Treacle for making such a stance when it, unfortunately, became necessary.)

 #4 Love sexy black vintage style lingerie? Well, if you do, you must love Kiss Me Deadly lingerie! But if you’re confused by all the sexy black garters and girdles, here’s a terrific guide!

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