Problems: A Big Busted Rantie

Blogger has been causing problems. Since the middle of last week, none of the scheduled posts actually were published — which has been a royal pain for me, and meant an absence of new posts for you. Bummer, right? While I sort things out, I thought we could address a few other problems or issues…

My husband brought to my attention this site, Busty Girl Comics, which has an incredibly insightful area devoted to Busty Girl Problems.

 Hubby found this at Meta Filter, where’s there’s quite a bit of discussion — some comments with empathy, others quite infuriating.

Some of the belittling comments compare “the problem” of big breasts to that of a huge penis; as if this is all a joke. As a woman who has suffered many (if not all) of the indignities and physical pains of large breasts, I find the “humor” insufferable and cruel.

Ever since The Girls blossomed into the size they are, people have joked that they “wish they had such problems — hubba hubba!” But having large breasts can be uncomfortable and down-right painful, physically and emotionally — especially when it comes to the judgements about sexuality.

Having a huge penis may seem like a gift; but unless the man is aroused, who even knows? Big breasts are obvious at all times. They are associated with all sorts of messages and prejudices about the woman, many of which are inaccurate, rude, and down-right mean. Worse, because our breasts are protruding into the public sphere in terms of visibility, many think it’s “advertising” and make unwanted, unwarranted, advances.

(I’m not condoning physical violence; but one can imagine a fantasy of physical retribution for a verbal assault.)

We cannot distance ourselves from our large breasts; we can only dress to make them less obvious. We cannot escape the physical pains; even properly fitting bras don’t limit the discomforts of not being able to cross our arms or maintain comfortable positions even while sleeping. That leaves surgery, should we be able to afford it. Can you imagine how bad the problem is when surgery doesn’t seem like a drastic option?

Women have enough trouble being taken seriously when they report rape and other crimes; but when you’re busty too, you are even further discredited. If you’re busty and raped, you were asking for it. If you’re busty and beaten, you likely deserved it because you’re a slutty whore and, “understandably,” a man “just” has blown a fuse over it. I know; I’ve lived it.

Such realities, along with  the physicality of big boobs, makes it hard to sleep at night.

The other side of this problem is literally the reverse: Where women with small breasts are considered “less than” women with large breasts. That’s just as stupid and unfair.

Such judgements about people based on body parts or body shapes are ridiculous, yet they are made every day and actions taken based off them. Our bodies and the way we dress them may say many things about ourselves; but these sorts of judgements and the way we talk about other people based upon those judgements needs to stop.

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