It’s Time To Continue…

My rant about how prudish and intolerant we are becoming. Deanna sent me a link a few weeks ago, and I was going to let it slide because sometimes as time passes, I cool down — but then there was a lot more to stroke the embers…

Seems folks are upset over this work of art. They claim the problem is that the work by Larry Rivers, Legs, a mixed-media construction of a pair 16 feet tall of stockings-attenuated fiberglass legs is officially “a structure.” But let’s be real here; it’s the sexuality invoked here — or some misguided notion that this is objectifying women — that is the real problem.

Ironically, Legs is modeled on a 1969 work by Rivers, called 40 Feet of Fashion, which seemed to charm folks — likely because it was properly-aged risque (not truly erotic), from a time when people didn’t know better. Or whatever.

 But maters get worse when a young woman is photographed holding — just holding — a bra. The reason this work of art was pulled is because she’s Muslim. Arg! The woman was fine posing for Sooraya Graham’s fine art photo, so????

If we do any more of this saving-of-people-from-themselves, what will we have left? Does everything have to be perfect — or less-than perfect, in cases of body image issues. Seriously, what’s left in art?

No, really, tell me. Because I just don’t understand why people seem to have splinters up their behinds, even when they aren’t wearing wooden panties.

Almost all links via For Art’s Sake, in case you want to want to keep up yourself.

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