For Example… A Rantie, Part One

Gracie alerted me to some news which rather relates to the issue of lingerie being too sexy: Folks in Grand Forks, North Dakota, have started a petition against a lingerie store saying the store shouldn’t be allowed to do business near an elementary school.

Now, the store does carry adult products (i.e. sex toys), but really now, unless the kids (or other folks) are expected, directed, or even forced to walk through the store, what’s the big deal?

Here’s a photo of the store from WDAY, which clearly shows that there’s nothing more offensive or sexually obvious than what those same kids might see going with mom to Macy’s.

But still, “concerned citizen” Caroline Gallegos started the petition for “logical reasons.” They’ve even organized a Facebook page to get others to grab their pitchforks and torches. According to the WDAY story:

For Susan Lenhart, the opening of the store could mean a change for her 6 year old daughter… “If they open the store, I’ll have to move her to another school. Her safety is more important.”

I wonder how many bars, gas stations which sell cigarettes, book stores which sell perfectly legal tomes on politics and science (which will inform Susan’s daughter, among other things, that the earth is round), religious institutions which the Lenhart family doesn’t belong to, etc. which are between school and home? I hate to sound like an old lady, but when I was a kid, we were taught how to walk past things, not to go into places our parents told us not to. And I teach my children the same today. But too many others do not. Instead, they wish to police and legislate what others do; call it prohibition, call it anti-choice, or call it a petition against a store.

Thankfully, there are some sane folks too.

But not everyone is opposed to the location… In fact, some say no matter where the store is, the responsibility lies on the parent to deter the kids from going inside.

Shawn Johnston/GRAND FORKS: “Especially that young and at that age, being in elementary school, your kid should really understand if you tell them not to go there, don’t go there. So to me, it shouldn’t really matter at all.”

Kay Williams/GRAND FORKS: “It doesn’t matter to me at all. I just figure, I don’t need to go there. It will in no way impact me.”

Kudos to ladies with brains! Praise for people who prefer to raise their own children!

Perhaps most infuriating to me is this bit:

The petition opened Friday and already 160 signatures, with more people signing every hour, some from as far as Canada, Texas and even Australia.

Really? People in Australia & Canada can dictate what goes on in an American community? Heck, even the folks from Texas — or Fargo, North Dakota — ought not to have a say in this. “Obscenity” is, after all, a matter of what a community deems appropriate; and that means only the folks who live in Grand Forks ought to sign the petition. If anyone “ought to.” I don’t think a lingerie store with vibrators ought to be considered “obscene” no matter where it is located.

Twenty dollars says the folks signing the petition are buying these things themselves anyway. Bigots usually do legislate and police the very things they do but think others should not. As such, they also eschew raising their own children.

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