Are You The Next Lingerie Fashion Star? Esty’s International Design Competition

Lingerie Buyer reports that Esty Lingerie has announced the launch of its second International Design Competition — however, there’s yet to be info on the site, their Facebook page, Twitter account, or blog. Perhaps this just odd timing due to Esty being across The Big Pond, as they say.

According to Lingerie Buyer, the contest is like last year’s, in which designers and lingerie fans (no technical patterns are required, just great ideas!) submit their designs for the chance to have the intimate apparel pieces not only made but sold at Esty.

It’s very much like NBC’s Fashion Star (my new TV addiction) in that Esty, the retailer, is the one taking the real financial gamble:

“This is just a game show with Saks, Macy’s and H&M as contestants,” says Fashion Star’s executive producer Ben Silverman. If the clothing doesn’t sell, the store that invested in it takes a hit — and potentially, so does the show’s credibility. This could be the first network program for which next-day sales are as important as next-day ratings.

It’s rather up to the winner to leverage this win into more.

Last year’s winner of Esty’s competition was Charlotte Morton; you can buy the winning designs here.

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